TRUESPECT Wealth Management’s commitment to service is driven by the development of a financial plan that aligns with each client’s various goals in planning areas such as asset accumulation, tax minimization, retirement  income planning, risk management and wealth transfer strategies, and helping clients implement solutions in a timely fashion. Strong relationships with solutions specialists gives TRUESPECT Wealth Management the ability to provide strategies and solutions from some of Canada’s leading financial institutions. Our suite of financial services is designed to let our clients do what they want to do and enjoy best, while TRUESPECT Wealth Management looks after the rest of their financial matters.


Proceeding together through a comprehensive analysis and understanding process, a clear, written picture of how your future can unfold is developed, and will determine if you are successfully aligned with your financial goals. Planning well early will enable you to address questions and concerns that require action, and allow you to implement strategies which will improve your ability to achieve, maintain and protect your lifestyle goals.


TRUESPECT Wealth Management believes that especially during retirement, rates of return are not the sole gauge for  success. A key element of retirement income planning looks closely at what clients keep after taxes. By clearly mapping out our clients’ financial future with sophisticated planning software, our retirement income planning process employs strategies for the use of, and conservation of assets, helping clients make most efficient use of their valued accumulated assets.


  • Preserving government benefits and entitlements
  • Preserving tax credits
  • Reducing taxes payable on income and on estate transfer
  • Putting less strain on income-producing assets to create income needed
  • Enhancing wealth transfer opportunities for heirs and charity
  • Using insurance vehicles for health-risk management and wealth transfer


TRUESPECT Wealth Management designs and implements wealth accumulation strategies that focus on helping our clients’ money grow by carefully considering various goals, risk tolerance, cash flow, tax concerns and time lines. Wealth building and wealth protection recommendations are made based on disciplined planning processes which incorporate asset allocation and diversification and their integration into your long-term plan. TRUESPECT Wealth Management can provide clients with investment products from the top financial institutions in Canada, including insurance companies, mutual fund companies and banks (mutual fund licensed through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.).


The legacy you transfer to your children, grandchildren or charity may be the balance of your investment holdings, your family cottage, your business, or your residence. Whatever your estate planning needs may be, we can build tax-efficient estate planning strategies that will help you maximize and simplify your desired wealth transfer, as one of the elements included in your complete financial plan.


There exists a unique relationship between your business and your personal wealth, and the financial planning needs which this relationship presents. By working closely with you and your professional advisors, TRUESPECT Wealth Management can help you with your business planning needs including employee benefits consulting, risk  management, executive retirement planning, succession strategies and estate planning

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Personal and corporate investment management
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Retirement income planning
  • Estate preservation planning
  • Business succession and exit strategies
  • Risk management, contingency planning and wealth protection
  • Employee benefits consulting


No matter how well designed accumulation and savings plans may be, an unforeseen event such as death, disability or a life-threatening illness can be a devastating consequence to a family or business. TRUESPECT Wealth Management’s risk assessment process looks closely at the impact of any of these unfortunate events and provides clients with direction on how to minimize these risks


As providers of financial advice, portfolio management and various financial and insurance products, we are compensated in a variety of ways, including:

  • Fee for financial planning service – a flat or hourly financial planning fee for developing and providing a financial plan
  • Investment management fee – based on assets under our management
  • Commission – typically embedded in investment and insurance products

In our first meeting we can identify your concerns, communicate our services and determine what type of relationship will best suit your financial needs, and outline the various fee and compensation structures available to you.